vIMG_0098cChildren are a gift, and capturing inspiring photos with children photography is something that comes with having children. But believe it or not, children come with many more benefits than creating lasting pictures that you can embarrass them with in the future. Here are 10 hidden benefits of having children that you may have not realized.

  • Although you may feel that children can add stress into your life, they can actually help to lower your blood pressure!
  • Children can help you save some money on taxes each year. Say thank you to the IRS for giving each family an average of $3,500 back per child!
  • Depending on the grocery store you go to, you can get better parking. Many shopping centers now-a-days have family parking secured for families like yours!
  • Contrary to popular belief, kids aren’t driving parents crazy all of the time. Children have been making their mark on parents by keeping them sane.
  • Children help parents learn new things and renew their cravings for knowledge! When your child enters into the “why?” stage, you’ll soon understand just that… why!
  • Having children can increase your self-esteem and confidence. Children say what’s on their mind, so if they’re telling you that you’re the best mommy in the entire world, they’re telling you the truth!
  • Kids make you happy! There is nothing like a smile on a child’s face that will make your entire world light up.
  • Children will remind you that you should live in the now, not the past or the future. Children only know how to live in the now, which rubs off on you as the parent. So stop to smell the roses more often.

Children are a fantastic addition to any family, capture the happiness they bring to you with inspiring children photographer from Casey Jagoras Photography in Fort Collins.