IMG_9897bWe have all taken awesome pictures with our phones to then only use a fun app and change the color or your memories! We all seem to love color, but many people still tend to be drawn to black and white pictures too. When choosing a photo for your holiday cards, this is a big decision that you need to make. Should you choose color or black and white for your family portrait that you intend to share with close family and friends?IMG_9965c

There are many great benefits to using both, but which will be best for your family holiday cards? Using color is a wonderful advantage if you want your photo to tell a story. If you’re looking to show off the beautiful fall leaves that we captured during your photo shoot, color will show life in motion. However, if you have always loved timeless images, then there is nothing better than a black and white photo to send out to your friends and family. Black and white will bring out the shadows in a picture and create a more dramatic photograph.

No matter if you choose to get your film back in black and white or color, we are sure your pictures will turn out exactly how you imagined them to be. Send out a holiday card and make an appointment for family portraits in Fort Collins with Casey Jagoras Photography online now!