Cheap wedding favors means frugal and inexpensive, and not burdensome to your budget wedding favors. With the rising cost of weddings it behooves brides and grooms to look for ways to cut back on their expenses. So just as expensive doesn’t mean great class or great taste, cheap doesn’t mean classless or tasteless.

Popular options for wedding favors that are also cheap are sachet favors made from lace or tulle. Candy, nuts and mints are great for putting in the center of the lace or tulle and then tying it together with ribbon makes a lovely accented wedding favor. You can find the lace, tulle and ribbon in fabric stores where you can purchase the items by the yard.

You can also create cheap wedding favors by avoiding item purchases that carry the word wedding or marriage on them. For example, buy in bulk from a party or grocery store or even a Sam’s Wholesale Club rather than purchasing from a wedding shop. Bulk purchases actually reduce the amount of cost per individual item and when you buy from a standard party store, you can find any number of items that make up a charming wedding favor without excess expense.

The best part of cheap wedding favors is that they don’t necessarily look cheap. They don’t carry a price tag. They don’t advertise your investment. They advertise your love and faith in each other and your guests. Beauty doesn’t require a price tag and don’t knock cheap as meaning bad, cheap wedding favors offers you more wedding budget wiggle room for things like the menu and the entertainment.