Cheap wedding favors come in all shapes and sizes and can fit into any wedding theme. Just because a wedding favor doesn’t cost a lot of money, doesn’t mean it isn’t going to be appreciated or well received by the guests. The trick is turning the wedding favor into something wildly creative and fun, something your guests will remember forever.

You’ll need to decide if you want the wedding favors to reflect the overall theme of the wedding, or if you want the wedding favors to reflect directly on you as a couple, your personality, your hopes, dreams, and fun sense of humor. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing. These can all be altered to fit your individual style. Take an idea and run with it! Turn it into something uniquely yours.

1) How about a DIY favor kit for the guests? If you’re having a relatively large wedding, there’s sometimes a period of time when the guests are waiting for the bride and groom to come back from having photos taken, etc. While the guests are waiting at the tables, why not leave them each a little something to keep them occupied? Buy small wedding tins, small white cardboard boxes, beads, a glue stick, ribbon, sparkles, etc. Leave them at each seat with an invitation to create the best wedding favor ever. Whatever they make is theirs to take home as a memento.

2) Instead of buying everyone a wedding favor, buy one or two “door prizes” and ask the guests to enter the names into a draw. Door prizes could be anything from a Dinner-For-Two gift certificate to a bottle of champagne.

3) Homemade treats always make great (and cheap) wedding favors. You don’t have to order specialty cookies for the big day, make your own! If you’re not sure about piping your initials or wedding date into the frosting, just spread a thin layer of white frosting over the cookies and dip them into fine white coconut, or shiny edible sparkles. Place one or two in a sheer organza favor bag and voila!

The choice is yours! Use your imagination and have fun creating your own cheap wedding favors.