Becoming a mother or father is something that you need to cherish. Creating life and welcoming it to the beautiful world we live in is something that simply cannot be described. For this reason, it is essential that you take action and schedule a photo shoot to capture how innocent, sweet and delicate your newborn baby is with our talent photographer in Fort Collins, Casey Jagoras.

Choosing a newborn photographer can be extremely difficult. We understand that the photos you are wanting are going to last you and your baby a lifetime. Newborn photographs are there to provide you with memories and to show your baby once they grow up to be adults how cute they were. We can tell you from experience that looking back on your own baby pictures is a touching moment that every family deserves to experience.

Casey Jagoras has been photographing since 2009, and has the experience and dedication you’re looking for. With the attention to detail that she has to offer, we know you will be extremely happy and grateful for the photographs you receive. We recommend that you schedule your appointment soon after you give birth (a couple weeks), or before if your due date is planned. This is so that we can position your newborn in cute positions with their cooperation. Visit us online now to schedule your newborn’s photoshoot! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us online today!