Why spend all of your hard-earned money on really extravagant wedding favors when you can buy or make your own wedding favors that are equally nice, but a lot less money? If you’re pressed for time, or you’re really not into the arts & crafts scene, take a look at different bridal websites and go straight to the “clearance” or “sale” page. There’s no sense paying full price if you can get what you want at half the price.

Wedding favors go on sale for all kinds of reasons. Stock might be discontinued, out of season, or not in high demand. When you start searching bridal websites, keep in mind that “clearance” doesn’t necessarily mean cheap. To keep the price down (especially if you have to buy in large numbers) look for wedding favors that are in the ninety-nine cent or lower price range. For that price, you might get things like bookmarks, key chains, candles, or mint tins.

Another thing to take into consideration is that a small piece of carefully wrapped wedding cake is just as much a wedding favor as anything else. It’s thoughtful, serves as a memento of the day, and it’s cheaper than spending extra cash on trinkets.

If you’re looking for really unique, cheap wedding favors, try one of these ideas:

-The bride and groom dip their thumbs into ink and press them on a square of tissue paper with a handwritten “thank you” on them.

-Create and personalize letters for each of the guests thanking them for sharing the day with you.

-Take lots of pictures and notes of things that happened at the wedding and post them to your website. Simply leave the guests a link to the website for them to enjoy later.

You see? Cheap wedding favors can also be chic!