maternity pictures

Choosing the perfect setting for your maternity pictures is the first thing to think of when deciding to document this magical time. Our experienced maternity photographer recommends you definitely want to choose a location that represents your personal style. The Fort Collins, Loveland and Windsor area has exceptional locations for any  vision you may have for your photo session. A good place to start would be deciding what kind of setting you want. While the mother-to-be is clearly the focus of the day a proper setting can enhance the beauty of the moment.

The perfect urban locations for maternity pictures in Loveland

This area has the benefit of being a picturesque location for an urban series of pictures. Centuries old architecture has been preserved and these buildings can add a beautiful backdrop for your session. The simple beauty of early 20th century architecture can add a subtle feeling of nostalgia to your maternity pictures. Lines that are not generally found in nature and make for a better photograph.

A country setting has become a popular option in recent years. A backdrop with natural light and colors highlight the simple elegant beauty of the glowing mother. A mother contemplating the little life inside of her sitting in a field of green and at complete peace. The fleeting beauty of this special time is enhanced by the choice of a unique, appropriate setting. Please call Casey Jagoras, a leading maternity photographer in the Northern Colorado area for a consultation and ideas about your maternity photos.