Announcing that you’re pregnant is one of the most important and biggest days of your life. You get to surprise your mom, dad, husband and kiddos that they’re going to be a grandma, grandpa, dad and brother or sister. There’s nothing like announcing this to the world along with the sex of the baby. But with Christmas right around the corner, why not make your maternity pictures with our photographer a little more festive?

Revealing the sex of your baby is part of the fun and excitement, and the social pressure is on to announce it in a fun and special way. With the holiday season of 2015 halfway through, why not announce your baby’s sex by taking pictures with our maternity photographer with a special prop. If you’re going for a holiday themed photo, there’s no better way to announce your baby’s sex than with bright blue or bright pink twinkling Christmas lights!

Go ahead and find bright blue or pink mini lights, or choose to go classic with a C9 strand of ceramic bulbs. We’ll wrap you up delicately so that we can capture this stunning moment of you to tell the world that you’re having a boy or girl.

Contact the leading maternity photographer in Fort Collins, Casey Jagoras, online now to schedule your baby’s reveal appointment. If you have other ideas for your reveal, please let us know. We’d love to capture any ideas you have for your reveal, and the sky’s the limit!