Creating a unique wedding favor does it require a great deal of skill. It simply means that you think outside of the box. We all have different ideas when you say the word “wedding.” One person may imagine a very traditional, old world style ceremony with hundreds of guests while another may imagine a more modern Renaissance style wedding taking place at a Renaissance Faire with all of their guests attending in garb. You create unique wedding favors by creating a unique wedding atmosphere.

Begin creating your wedding favors by :

  • Choosing the Wedding Colors
  • Choosing the Wedding Theme
  • Choosing the Wedding Location
  • Choosing the Wedding Date
  • Choosing the Number of Wedding Guests

When you have decided on these things, you’re halfway there to having your wedding plans envisioned. The number of wedding guests will play a large role in how unique your wedding favors are. If you are creating them yourself and you are planning to have 200 guests, you want plenty of time to get those wedding favors ready. Some unique wedding favor ideas that are popular for low and high budget weddings include:

  • Champagne Flowers
  • Slipper Kisses
  • Origami Silk Handkerchiefs
  • Glittery Wands
  • Decorative Vases
  • Scented Candles
  • Braided Ribbons
  • Crowns of Flowers

Talk to your wedding planner, visit a bridal show and bridal shops, you’ll discover that there are a wide variety of ideas out there for creating your own unique wedding favors. Look at the different ideas, listen to everyone else’s suggestions and find what traditional and unique wedding ideas that work for you best.