What kind of family do you have? Are you fun and outgoing, or are you more reserved and proper? No matter how crazy or calm your family is, Casey Jagoras Photography has what it takes to give you lasting family portraits in the Northern Colorado area. Family portraits are a big deal, and if you haven’t really thought about taking them, now is the time!

Capturing a memorable time with your family is supposed to be fun, and things can get stressful while trying to coordinate outfits, dates and schedules with your family members that all have individual lives of their own. We want to help you get the most out of your photo shoot with us here at Casey Jagoras Photography, and with that, here are some fun and creative family portrait ideas that you may want to consider.

  1. Do you see your family as a bold one? Does your family stand out? If so, maybe it’s time that you decide to get creative and make your family seem bolder than ever before! A sense of toughness is always fun to put into your family photos, and having intense outfits and props could make this the best family portrait you’ve ever experienced.
  2. Props are always fun to include in family portraits. One that is becoming more popular than ever before is holding an empty photo frame up in the picture. This can drastically change the type of photo you’re going for, making it a more subtle. But you will still end up with a great photo that you’ll love to frame at home yourself.
  3. Family portraits can start before your new baby is born! Fun “coming soon” photos with different props are always a fun idea, so think outside the box if you’re planning a family portrait with your little one.