Do you feel like you are getting bigger and bigger by the day? For some women, pregnancy is a breeze. For others however, it can be an experience they aren’t too fond of. No matter if you are someone who’s had a great pregnancy or a pretty awful one, you must have maternity pictures taken. Our maternity photographer, Casey Jagoras, has all of the best tips for you to make your experience with us at Casey Jagoras Photography the best you can have! Because we want your pictures to turn out to be the best possible, here are some definite do’s and don’ts for your photo shoot.

DO: Bare your belly! Everyone loves seeing bellies!

DON’T: Bare your entire body. You want your pictures to be classy, a bare belly is just what we need to accomplish that.

DO: Include your partner in your maternity photos.

DON’T: Get too down and dirty with your partner. Don’t worry, we’ll pose you!

DO: Add some props to your picture. Adding pink or blue ribbons make a great addition. We can provide props for you.

DON’T: Include your ultrasound picture. Although ultrasound pictures are special, they should be kept to yourself and close friends. Instead, include colors of the sex of the baby and tend to be more exciting for the parents to be, not the people you’ll be sharing your maternity pictures with.

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