Father’s Day is a day to celebrate dad and everything he does for his children. It is a day for grilling, golf, fishing, and other outdoor activities that dads love. Finding the perfect Father’s Day gift can be difficult, you can only get him grilling utensils and golf balls so many times before it gets old.

Getting dad the perfect gift, a gift that truly means something, can show how much you appreciate him and how well you know him. If your dad is more of the cooking type, keep that in mind while aimlessly walking down the aisles of Target, don’t go straight for the Father’s Day display that you know has nothing your father would love.

You dad has worked hard throughout the years to teach you valuable life lessons, be a mentor, and maybe even attempted to be your friend. Getting a gift that shows you noticed his hard work will mean more to him than you know. Casey Jagoras Photography can help you come up with the perfect father’s day gift, but in case you have given your father enough photos to cover the entire wall of the staircase, then here are a few new ideas!

For the Mountain Man

If your dad is a rugged mountain man that spends most of his time climbing over rocks, wrestling bears, and catching fish with his bear hands, you want to avoid the commonly joked about necktie gift. It is definitely not a tie. Instead get him something that he can enjoy in the depths of nature.

A Hammock

This gift is a great way to relax after a day of hiking, hunting, fishing, or whatever he does in the woods. A hammock will allow your dad to take a break and enjoy the scenery while still keeping his rugged and adventurous appearance. They can roll up into a small bundle, making it easy for him to carry anywhere he ventures.

A Pocket Knife

A pocket knife, whether full of different tools and utensils or just a simple knife, is a great gift for any outdoorsman. In nature, knives can be used for just about anything, from marking a path to opening a bottle, they will always be useful. Keep your dad safe with a new knife. You could even get it engraved for a more personal touch.

Waterproof Socks

No nature enthusiast likes having wet socks. Waterproof socks can help keep your dad comfortable, dry, and blister free throughout his entire outdoor adventure. Give your dad something small that can make a huge impact while trekking through the forest. Who said nobody likes getting socks?

For the Tech Savvy

Technology is forever advancing, keep your dad caught up with these fun, new gift ideas. He may not need them but he will sure loving getting these awesome gifts from you!

Music Makers

A bluetooth, wireless speaker that allows your dad to jam to his old favorite hits is the perfect gift for Father’s Day. He will love playing his music over these high-quality speakers during his annual barbecues, football parties, or while he is “helping” to clean the house. There are speakers that are durable and perfect for the outdoors, or that can give your home concert-quality sound. Find the right speaker for him, he is sure to love it!

Stream TV

If your dad loves keeping up on his favorite TV shows, make it easier for him! Get his a streaming device that allows him to watch all of his favorite shows without having to record them or turn the television on at the right time. These devices can help him get control over his TV, which is always a good thing.

For the Chef

If your dad is a cook, give him something to make his meals a masterpiece! Not only will he love it, but you will benefit as well! Find more ideas than you really need, at Uncommon Goods.

Himalayan Salt Block

A Himalayan salt block is a new and unique way to cook food. You can use these to grill vegetables, grill steaks indoors, baking, and so much more! These salt blocks add flavor, healthy minerals, and can be used for just about anything. This is a fun and different gift that your father will appreciate. Don’t give your dad anything boring this year. A Himalayan salt block is the perfect thing!


Get your dad a spice or salt kit/collection. Spice shops carry some unique spices that could really enhance the flavor and style of your dad’s cooking. A collection of these could inspire him to try new dishes, create new flavors, and experiment with the many different spices and salts. Add some spice to your Father’s Day gift with some spices!

A Cutting Board

Cutting boards are boring, but you can find unique and stylish cutting boards that will have your dad chopping away happily. Or better yet, get a chopping block, these are thicker and more durable, meaning you dad can chop with a cleaver and have no concerns about cracking the board. Have your dad feeling like a real chef with a thick and gorgeous chopping block!

For the First Time Father

If your hubby is not yet a father, but there is a bun in the oven, make his first (almost) Father’s Day special with a gift that will mean the world to him and help him get excited about finally becoming a father!

A Manly Diaper Bag

Diaper bags could kill your man’s manhood, or at least he will feel like it does. But with a masculine diaper bag he can feel confident and comfortable carrying this bag around while pushing a stroller.

Baby Sport Gear

If your husband is a huge Denver Broncos fan, or whatever his team is, get the new family member the appropriate attire for Sunday night games. He will love seeing his little man sporting his favorite team’s colors on game day.

A Special PortraitMaternity Photographer Fort Collins

Maternity pictures may seem weird, but they are the perfect way to get your man excited about starting a family. A beautiful portrait of the baby bump will make it all seem real, and receiving that for Father’s Day will make him excited about future Father’s Day celebrations.

If your baby was recently born, this is also a great opportunity for a photoshoot. Give the perfect gift to your husband for his first Father’s Day. Get a photo taken of the baby with a sign that reminds him he is now a dad! He will be excited to receive such a personal and meaningful gift.

Casey Jagoras Photography can help you execute this gift perfectly. As a skilled photographer, Casey has a ton of experience taking photos of newborns, babies, and maternity portraits. To get your husband and the new father the perfect gift for Father’s Day, contact us today to schedule an appointment! Casey can help make Father’s Day extra special!