Family portraits are important; however, many families put them off for one reason or another. If you are a family that keeps pushing the date back for family photos because you don’t feel confident enough to take them, we can help! Our family portrait photographer in Fort Collins, Casey Jagoras, has the perfect tips that will help you achieve the look that you crave: glowing skin.

  1. Skip the long, hot showers. Contrary to popular belief, long, hot showers will actually do your skin more damage than good. The hot showers to which you’re accustomed actually strip your skin of all its moisture and wash away all of the protective oils that keep it glowing naturally. So instead of showering for a long time in a hot, sauna-like shower, limit your shower to 10 minutes and keep the water at a cooler temperature.
  2. Check how dry your skin is. An easy way to check to see how dry your skin really is, is by scratching a small area on your leg or arm with a fingernail. If you notice that there is a white mark left by the scratch, your skin needs both moisture and exfoliation. An easy way to exfoliate is to use a sugar scrub a few times a week. But don’t forget,  you need to be drinking more water!

To learn more about how to prepare your skin and get the “glowing skin” that you’ve always wanted for your family portraits, stay tuned for our next blog: How To Prepare Your Skin For Family Portraits.”