Get Down to Business with Wedding Preparations for Hair & Makeup
From bridal makeup to wedding hair, every woman wants to look her best on her big, special day. Do you need some guidance? Here are some great ideas that will help you to look like the picture of beauty on your wedding day: Adequate sleep the night before the wedding is crucial so be sure that you get your fair share—you don’t want to look tired in those photos. On your big day, keep a gal pal or relative close at hand with any and all makeup and quick fixes that you might need (powder, bobby pins, safety pins, lip color, gloss, tissues, Q-tips, etc.). Wear comfortable shoes on your day until it is show time—you don’t want to be limping down the aisle because of blisters. Try breaking in those heels at home before the big day. Try out EVERYTHING before the day of the wedding. Play around with hairstyles until you find the one you like. Surprises can be nice but you don’t want to be surprised by horrible makeup or a “do” that won’t do on your day.