swimThe creepy, crawly energy of Halloween has spiked. Costumes are being planned and candy is filling the aisles of local grocery stores, so if you have a maternity shoot or a newborn photo shoot planned around that time, why not get a little creative with it? As a mother myself, I know how much fun those little monsters can be, so start the game off on the right foot by dressing up and showing off that little one that’s growing inside of you. Here are some fun costume and maternity photo ideas that I’ve seen floating around.

Pumpkin King…or Queen

Pumpkins are one of the most well known icons of this holiday, and I’ve seen them used in some fun and creative ways during maternity shoots. As you can imagine, some of them have to do with bellies! One of the favorite ideas that I’ve seen floating around had your significant other holding onto a pumpkin that was around the same size as your stomach, as you hold your own baby belly. If you want, take it to the next level and carve the baby’s, name, gender or something else that will make your pumpkin carving a little more personal.

Sweet Little Skeletons

I can’t help but say that the sweet shirts that are being made with a little skeleton inside of the mom’s tummy are adorable. These shirts are pretty affordable, which makes them fun to incorporate into photo shoots that we have. While they are far from scary, these t-shirts make for good costumes that show off your sweet little skeleton.

I love being able to film your pregnancy, all while incorporating your favorite holidays, seasons and sentimental touches into the pictures that I take. Make sure that you schedule your maternity photo shoot with me, Casey Jagoras, with enough time to incorporate one of these fun Halloween ideas.