When we think about our children, we always tend to cherish our babies in the moment. And it’s important that you realize that this is how you should be living your life with your children: in the moment. But it’s also just as important to make sure that you capture these moments when they are well on their way to growing up. So, if you’ve just added a new member to your family, then you may want to schedule a photo shoot with our children’s photographer, Casey Jagoras.

If you have a newborn in the family, a great way to capture your new family is by getting your two children together, no matter what ages they are. If you have a child that is old enough to hold their newborn brother or sister, pictures of this moment are remarkable. We’ll sit the big brother or sister down and have them hold their new sibling in a gentle and loving way. Capturing this on film is something that every family should have in their photo album.

We also know that kiddos love to play! We can schedule a time to meet at their favorite park to capture pictures of your two little ones playing. Whether they’re playing in the snow together or swinging, we can capture the photos that you’ve been waiting for! We know that getting two children to sit together in a quiet room and behave for photos is almost impossible for a certain amount of time. Let’s schedule a fun photo shoot for your kiddos! Contact Casey Jagoras, the leading children’s photographer in Loveland, online now!