Being pregnant is one of the most precious times that you should want to remember. Even if you have had one of the hardest pregnancies, you may regret not documenting your round and growing belly. Having only nine months to get your life prepared for a little one to enter the world can be overwhelming, but you should be sure that you take a moment to relax and really enjoy where you are in the moment. One way that you can do this is by scheduling a maternity photo shoot with our talented photographer in Fort Collins.

Casey Jagoras has been showcasing her talent in the Northern Colorado area professionally since 2009. With years of experience, there has been some great things she has learned along the way.

  1. Know all maternal body types. Casey understands that not all soon-to-be-moms are wanting to bare their baby bumps, and that every woman is shaped differently. Some women are more comfortable in their own skin and are willing to show more than others. We have the talent and ability to work with every type of body and personality.
  2. Know different posing techniques. We’ve taken the time to learn how to pose you perfectly to capture the most flattering and beautiful angles of belly bumps and curves.
  3. Know how your client should dress. Getting to know our clients is one of our passions. We want you to feel comfortable, so we’ll speak with you about what you should wear, if you’re wanting to pose nude and so on. After all, we want you to get the pictures that you’ve been dreaming of!
  4. Know how to give our clients direction during the photo shoot. Not all photographers are great at giving clients direction on how to pose. Casey will guide you through the entire photography session from start to finish!