Photos that capture how amazing your family is shouldn’t be hard to do when you are showing the camera how happy you are. In our previous post, we gave you some incredibly cute ideas for photos with your children. We included capturing your first family moment, having a family fun day, hipster mom & baby and boho babes. Keep reading for more great ideas that we know you’ll love to try.

Mama Bird

Buy the latest trending shirt “Mama Bird”, and hold you little babies in your arms. This photo captures the fact that you’ve got your hands full, but you also wouldn’t have it any other way.

Family Fun Portrait Series

Get your kids together and dress them in different outfits. We’ll take a series of four different photos of you playing as a family wherever you are the most comfortable. We’ve done this in beds, couches, and yards. If you have family pets, make sure to include them! We’ll pick out four favorites and frame them in a big square.

Baby Snuggles with the Family Dog

Nothing is cuter than capturing the moment your baby snuggles with their pup. This tender moment will make me say “ahhh”. This is definitely a photo that you have to do if you have a family pet.
Do any of these fun photos make you want to give them a try for yourself? Visit us online today and schedule your child photography shoot with Casey Jagoras Photography in Loveland to get started!