IMG_8015cWith Santa on his way and snow falling, we are all getting excited about spending time with family on the special day ahead of us. Christmas is a day for many families to embrace one another and enjoy the time that seems to fly by. Time goes by so quickly, and before we know it, our newborn babies are teenagers graduating from high school. If you’re looking to capture your baby in their innocent newborn stage, then it is time for you to call Casey Jagoras Photography.

Our infant photographer knows how to pose your newborn in dramatic, yet peaceful ways, so that you
can enjoy these pictures for a lifetime. Creating memories is easy when you have amazing photographs to look back on. Those who don’t participate in newborn photography sessions often regret not doing so. They see their friends and other family members’ babies and they wish that they had taken the time to schedule an appointment to have professional pictures taken.

There truly isn’t anything like savoring newborn photographs of your baby, because before you know it, they’ll be grown up and driving away to college. If your due date is coming up, we highly encourage you to schedule your newborn session with your Fort Collins photographer today! Visit us online now to view all of the amazing newborn pictures that we have had the privilege of capturing. Request your session with our talented photographer now and don’t regret not having pictures of your child to cherish.