You’ll be able to get interesting shots during the dancing, too. Watch for the children and the older members of the family dancing. Those provide absolutely charming memories. Photographs during the reception should rarely if ever be posed. This is a time when wedding photographers take pictures of the newlyweds having fun whether they are stuffing cake into each other’s faces or going for a twirl on the dance floor.

Ask the wedding photographer to take detail pictures. Have them capture the exterior and interior of a location, especially one that’s remarkable for itself such as a bed and breakfast or old style country inn or even a Disney World Resort feature. Have the wedding photographer take pictures of the decorations, the cake placement, and the band – the atmosphere of the reception. In fact, the creative opportunities at the reception are endless. You can use many of the shots taken at the reception for more than just your memory book and wedding albums, but also for thank you cards, Christmas Cards and more.

Challenge your wedding photographer to explore their creativity during the reception. Take advantage of the fact that family members and friends, old and new, near and far have all come together to celebrate your wedding. Imagine a picture of your mother-in-law with your oldest friend and another that captures your younger brother in conversation with your great Uncle Milton, every family has a dozen stories and the creative wedding photographer will find all of those and more to tell in the candid shots they capture at your wedding reception.