Kids love stickers. Grandparents love to receive pictures. Pet owners love to parade around with their pets. Travelers love to capture keepsakes of their travels. One way to keep all the members of your picture-partial family happy is to print your picture out in the form of a sticker. You can stick a photo sticker on the outside of an letter you are sending, or stick it on the outside of a gift. It is a unique way to show off something important to you.
You can download a picture of your choice onto a photo sharing website and order stickers from that specific site, or you can purchase photo sticker paper and print stickers off in your own home. But, you must purchase photo sticker paper that is compatible to your photo printer. Sticker paper is typically found in 25 or 50 sheet packs of stickers that are four inches by four inches in size. Prices are generally around $25 or a bit higher depending on the brand of sticker paper, and can be found in business supply stores as well as photography stores.