There are so many people out there in the world that don’t appreciate the significance of photographs, and they actually tend to shy away from the camera. We’re sure everyone has that friend or family member that puts their hand over the camera so that their picture can’t be taken. Are you one of them? If this sounds like you or someone you know, maybe it’s time that you learn the greatest reasons why photography matters.

dreamstime_xxl_36297628Photography tells everyone, including us, what’s important to you!

Have you ever asked someone what they would save from their home if it was burning to the ground? Most people answer that they’d grab their wedding album or photos of some kind. Why is it that when we panic we’re always drawn to pictures? The fact of the matter is that pictures are invaluable, and they can’t be replaced. Recorded memories are one of the most powerful forces that can show how you lived your life. After all, your most precious  moments are usually captured by images.

Most people tend to preserve the important people and events in their life. From ceremonies of births, weddings, birthdays and anniversaries, to the holidays with families and the purchase of a new house, they’re all recorded because they’re important to us! Not only do photographs tell a story, but they record a timeline of our lives that are filled with places and faces that we couldn’t live without! Family portraits and photographs are part of each one of our stories so that we can share that story with others. Within the hundreds of pictures that are taken throughout your life, you’ll be able to form a narrative of your life and the ones closest around you.

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