Senior Pictures Fort CollinsIf your child is getting ready to go into their senior year of high school, then there a couple of things that you’re anticipating and getting ready for. Aside from graduation, you are can also start planning for senior prom, acceptance letters to college, graduation parties, dorm room shopping and more. Needless to say, it’s an exciting year for your child, and that’s part of the reason that senior pictures are so incredibly important to schedule in advance. It seems so trivial and unimportant compared to some of the other memories and moments that your child will encounter this year, but simply having photos to commemorate the year is worth more than you understand. Here are a few tips on planning for your child’s senior pictures.

Sweet Summer Time

The standard time that we see most people scheduling out their senior pictures is the summer following junior year. This may seem incredibly early, but it really isn’t horribly ahead of the game. Even if you aren’t scheduling your child’s senior pictures for this time of year, it’s a great time to go ahead and start looking. This is also a great time to determine what each photographer is going to include in their packages and how many prints you’re going to want. Shopping around is something that can require a bit of time, but in the end, quality should always out rule cost and quantity. There’s something to be said about the prints you’ll get when you work with a photographer who is practiced and prepared.

Creating Concepts for Photos

Once you’ve booked your senior’s appointment with me, we will begin to talk about where you’d like the senior pictures to take place. While there are plenty of places that all photographers take individuals to get their senior pictures done, these portraits are an opportunity to demonstrate who you are at this point of your life, so you might as well get creative. There are plenty of individuals that play sports and wind up getting a few action shots or even just portraits on the field done. If there’s a place that

Senior Pictures Fort CollinsFind The Yearbook Deadline

Every school has a yearbook deadline where they require students to have their pictures in for printing. It’s always good to know what the deadline date for your student’s pictures are so that you don’t wind up rushing the process of scheduling photos and deciding which ones you want to print. If you end up turning in your picture isn’t submitted in time, then the yearbook will feature the picture that was taken for ID purposes, which is far from what your senior is going to want printed for all to remember.

Senior pictures are something that you’ll likely send out with graduation announcements, frame in your home and display for years to come. Help your child find an outfit that makes them feel comfortable and entirely themselves because these pictures are entirely deserved and only the beginning of a year-long celebration. Call today to learn more about what a senior photo shoot would look like when you work with Casey Jagoras Photography.