fall portIf you thought that figuring out your family’s color scheme for fall family portraits wasn’t difficult enough, we’ve got a new challenge for you: it’s time to add the props. For the most part, I can handle this on my own, I’ve seen quite a few wacky and wonderful ideas along the way, and I can always turn to those fun concepts if you’re really struggling with what you’d like to add into your shoot. Here are a few of my fall favorites to get you started with your brainstorming.

Loving The Leaves

As a resident of Northern Colorado, I have to say that I am personally a huge fan of the fall colors. On top of that, I know that it is nearly impossible to jump into the piles when they’re there. If we’re going to be photographing your children in these portraits, I always suggest adding some leaves to the scenery. Whether we’re throwing them in the air or you’re jumping into a pile of them, I can guarantee that fall leaves complement nearly every fall portrait.

Countryside Setting

Again, there is something about this season that makes us appreciate the transition of setting, and sometimes the best place to enjoy that is countryside. Adding a few fun and cozy blankets to a barrel of hay can really set up the ideal scenery for a fall day. These types of settings also make it really easy to find a color scheme that works. If you’re looking for something relatively simple, but still very much fall-esque, this is a fantastic route to take.

Without a doubt, the pictures that you take as fall family portraits will be ones that show off how gorgeous you and your family are. Make sure to schedule your family photos here with me, Casey Jagoras!