Family Photographer JohnstownAs you click through the hundreds and hundreds of photos on your iPhone, try not to be disappointed with the quality, the stiff positions, or the fact that the only ones you are in are selfies you attempted to take. If you find yourself in this position, it may be time to change something.

Hiring a photographer isn’t just for weddings, engagements, newborns, or graduations anymore. Family photos are important. They give you something to look back at when your children are grown and gone from the house, when you want to show off just how beautiful your family actually is.

There is no reason for hiring a photographer anymore. Have a photoshoot just because you can. Are you in love and want to flaunt it? Have a photoshoot. Did your kids terrible haircuts finally grow out? Have a photoshoot. Do you like the way the trees look that you see every morning on your morning run? Have a photoshoot!

Casey Jagoras Photography is the perfect photographer to capture all the moments you find special. Having a photoshoot is a great way to express anything and everything. Coordinate outfits with your fiance or family. Pick a spot that looks nice, it can be somewhere special to you or somewhere completely new. And let loose.

Some of the best photographs are the candid ones, the ones that capture people in their element. Completely unaware of the camera or the fact that they are even having a photoshoot. These candid photos are when you get the best emotions, the best chemistry, and capture raw moments. When people are posing, they lose their emotion, the glow in their eyes, and the sense of fun.

A photographer with a keen eye for a candid shot, who can help you relax and feel at ease in front of the camera, is a photographer that will get the best shots. That is Casey. Photographs are something that are worth so much more than you expect. They go from being something you stare at everyday to something you cherish, something you will never regret.

And that is why you decide to do a photoshoot. A photoshoot isn’t something that should be a hassle or that feels like a chore. It should be fun and you should be excited to capture these special moments with special people.IMG_9940c

Casey Jagora Photography can help your photoshoot feel like something fun, something that isn’t stressful or awkward. It will become something you loved doing and, more importantly, you’ll love the results.
Next time you are flipping through your iPhone gallery, seeing pictures that are awkward, poor quality, or just plain bad, make sure to schedule a photoshoot. Get beautiful photographs hung on the walls of your home, and show them off proudly.