couple2Weddings rack up a big check in a short amount of time, and while the perfectionist and undeniable excitement that you contain are more than ready to go wild, there’s always a budget. If you’re starting to plan your wedding and are quickly realizing that you are going to need to budget in certain areas, don’t let your wedding pictures be one of them. Having a good photographer for your special day will make all of the difference, and you won’t regret factoring it into your budget.

If you already figured that a photographer would be included in your wedding budget, we hope that you didn’t forget about engagement photos! These pictures are not nearly as pricey as your wedding day pictures will be, but they are equally as important. There are plenty of couples that figure, what the one area that they can have a little slack with are the engagement photos. Here are some reasons that you should really consider scheduling a photo shoot for engagement photos.

Get To Know A Photographer

Engagement photos are a great time to get to know your photographer and get an idea of whether or not the relationship is going to work for your big day. With so many options regarding photographers, it’s not uncommon that couples work with one photographer for their engagement photos and another for their wedding day. If you are on the fence, however, about a photographer, your engagement photos are a great time to test the waters and determine if your personalities and style match with that of the photographer.

They Make Great Gifts

Engagement pictures may seem like they don’t hold a lot of value, but the truth is that they are one of the best gifts that you can give, before and after your wedding. Whether you choose to use them as the image on your save the dates, or you decide to create a photo album for your parents’ gift, they definitely hold their worth.

Discover Angles & Poses You Like

Every photographer will have a different approach to engagement and wedding photographs, so while this photo shoot can be used to determine what types of poses and angles that you like. Being able to see these types of things before the pictures are ever taken pretty much guarantees that you’re going to be receiving hundreds of pictures that you love after the wedding.

Schedule an appointment with Casey Jagoras Photography to start taking pictures of your little family. Serving the Loveland, Fort Collins, and overall Northern Colorado area, I am excited to schedule a photo shoot for you and your special someone. Call today to set up a time and place!