newborn photographer lovelandThe first time that you find out you’re going to have a baby is a time that you will never forget. While it is nerve wracking and it brings up fear and emotions that you never imagined yourself feeling, the birth of your child is something that you won’t be able to forget. While the hours of labor drag on forever, it’s as if your child is growing up at a rate that you have absolutely no control over. You don’t realize it at first, but the time starts to speed up and all of a sudden your children are no longer the tiny babies they once were.

When the New Year has finally been rung in, I always take pictures of my little ones, just so that I can turn back and see who they were when the year began. Then, a year later I am able to look back and see just how much my little girls have grown. In these pictures, I see so many different things that develop, and it reminds me just how important family is and how quickly time is speeding by. If you don’t believe me, here are some of the amazing things that I see when I look back at my babies photographed a year prior.

Personalities Developing

When we first meet our babies, it’s impossible not to look into their eyes and see the possibility that they hold. While we can see so much for them while they are so tiny, it is mesmerizing to watch them as they grow into the people that they were created to be. It doesn’t take long for their personalities to develop, and the more that they do, the more you are able to recognize the change in the photos. From the innocent smiles to the giggling personality that radiates through their photos, you’ll be glad that you have these moments captured.

Family Portraits WindsorTeeth Fall Out & Hair Gets Longer

Another one of my favorite parts of looking back at photos is seeing how much children change physically. There are so many changes that happen as they get older, that you hardly notice when you aren’t looking back at pictures. From teeth falling out to hair getting longer, our children grow so quickly that they become entirely different people over a year’s time. Sometimes, it’s something as little as your child picking up a new sport or breaking an arm, and while these experiences aren’t always fun changes that happen, but they are what make every year so incredibly special.

If you are dying to remember the child that you have at this very moment in time, then it’s time that you schedule your child’s photography shoot now. I would love to take some incredible shots of your child in the Fort Collins area so that you can forever remember the little boy or girl that you’re watching grow up. I guarantee that by New Year’s next year you will see just how different your child is, and I am excited to be a part of this new tradition.