Children are some of the most fun to photograph. They always seem to be smiling and having a great time in front of the camera, but what happens when your child isn’t ready for their photography session? Being a children’s photographer comes with the ability to learn and have experience with how to handle children, enough to where you are getting the photos that you love at least! But what happens when your child is having some behavioral issues? When children are uncooperative, I tend to follow these steps!

  1. I put down the camera. Putting down the camera will allow me to have fun with your child for a few minutes, and hopefully get them to cooperate a little more than they have been. Props come in handy, and then we get back to it!
  2. I will show your child the pictures I’ve taken of them. Some children just lose interest in what they’re doing, why they’re doing it and what the sole purpose of taking the pictures is. Once they see that they’re the center of attention, they’ll be much more helpful.
  3. I engage with them! Kids tend to lose interest easily, so engaging with them by asking questions and making them laugh is just one way to make capturing amazing photos easier.
  4. I breathe and tell my clients to breathe. Don’t think that your child is the only one that has acted out. Your child isn’t in their element of comfort, and I’m good with children!
  5. I try to distract them. If there is nothing left to get your child to laugh, the least we can do is distract them to turn that frown upside down. If your child is distracted and looking off into the distance at something, we can capture some pretty stunning and calm expressions of your kiddo.
  6. I embrace every session! No matter how your child is acting, I am sure we can get some photos that you’ll love. Embracing the fact that your child is happy, sad or distracted is great for the camera!

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