In addition to paying your photographer the general fee for your wedding photos, it’s a good idea to feed your wedding photographer if they are shooting pictures of the reception as well. For the majority of wedding photographers, they book one wedding per day. This allows them the time to travel to the wedding location, set up, and take pictures before, during and after the ceremony. They will also then transport their equipment to the reception to capture key moments during the reception for your wedding album.

Not only will you be providing nurishment for your wedding photographer, your wedding photography will benefit because your photographer is going to linger longer during the reception. The additional cost of a plate or allowing the wedding photographer to serve his or herself at the buffet is not enough to be concerned about.

Client Tip: Plan an extra plate for the wedding
photographers and any assistants they may have with them at your
reception. This gives them the option of eating and drinking without
being obtrusive at the wedding reception. If you are planning a buffet
reception, it’s usually good to let the photographer and his or her
assistant know they are more than welcome to a plate. You can even set
up a quiet table in a corner of the reception for staff and wedding
vendors to be able to sit and eat. If you are serving a plate dinner,
then ask the photographer ahead of time what they prefer from the menu
and plan accordingly.