A yoga-posed senior photograph taken by Casey Jagoras, photographer in Loveland.Colorado is known for the landscapes, the mountain views, and the undeniably gorgeous sunrises. It’s pretty impossible to deny that Colorado is one of the most beautiful places that someone could live, and as residents of the state, it wouldn’t make sense if we didn’t take advantage of this scenery in our photographs. Whether it’s your family portraits that you’re looking to schedule, portraits of just your kids, an engagement shoot or something along those lines, there are a few backdrops in the Northern Colorado area that I can’t help but suggest. Below are a few of the locations in Loveland and Fort Collins that have been voted as the most beautiful landmarks for photographs to be taken.

The Oval

Located near Old Town Fort Collins, The Oval is a well-known part of the CSU campus. Not only are there beautiful buildings with historic, architectural touches, but there are trees that touch the sky, a gorgeous garden, and more. If you’re looking for a place in the Northern Colorado area that you can truly capture some of the undeniable beauty while not getting too far out of town, this is definitely a place to consider. It was voted #14 on places for photographers to get some prints.

Lake Loveland

If you’re a native to Loveland, then chances are that you’ve seen the sun rise and set over Lake Loveland. It is incredible to see what the world looks like when you’re enjoying the sun, a beautiful view of the mountains and a gorgeous lake. If you’ve never been to Lake Loveland, it’s definitely worth taking a walk or jog around. Roughly 5 miles around, this lake boasts of beautiful views from every angle, and the beach is one of the best places to take playful pictures.

Family Photographer JohnstownLegacy Park

Parks are easily one of the best settings for any type of photography. There are so many amenities to parks in Colorado that it’s pretty easy to get a little creative and have fun in the process. At Legacy Park in Fort Collins, you will find beautiful views, trails, a bridge, and a waterfront. This park is one of the town favorites simply because it offers so many opportunities for photographs. If you want to take a variety of photos that include different photos, poses, and backdrops that are all equally beautiful, it’s definitely worth considering this as a location for your photo shoot.

Butterfly Woods

Located in Laporte, Colorado you will find a beautiful scenery made up of Colorado native trees, the Poudre river and winds of trails. Among this setting is a cast iron bridge that was beautifully constructed to create a masterpiece all of its own. When pictures are taken here, the bridge easily adds texture and color to every image. You can count on capturing some of Northern Colorado’s most beautiful aesthetics. This was voted the #1 place to take photos within the Northern Colorado area, so it’s definitely worth stopping by and seeing if it has everything you’re looking for.

My ultimate goal as your photographer is to provide you with pictures that suit the personalities of your family and best represent you all as a whole. At times, simply taking pictures in the right setting can help get a family in the best mood and ready to take incredible pictures. If you have a specific spot in mind, let me know ahead of time so that I can acquire any necessary permits and visit the location to see what types of poses and pictures will get the most out of this setting. I look forward to shooting your family’s portraits.