Most images, photos and advertising products are full of color. Web designers have taken color to a whole new level thanks to specialized software design programs. Companies even spend a great deal of time deciding just which shade of red or yellow most effectively communicates their particular message.

You might be tempted to think that black-and-white stock photography is old-fashioned and therefore not an effective way to communicate a message to your audience. But, photographers have special knowledge and unique ways of using high-tech equipment so black-and-white images are intriguing and memorable.

Black-and-white images play not only with composition of the subject matter, but also with contrasting light with shadow. Because black-and-white photography is more rare in advertising, this type of image may be just the one to get your audience’s attention. Good black-and-white photos present the “dance” of light and shadow without a distracting flash-like glare.

Software programs allow designers to take a color shot and make it a black-and-white image. This is especially popular with architecture stock photography and is a good illustration of the power of black-and-white images.