Newborn photography is precious. It is something that every new parent should invest in. After all, your little one won’t be this small for long! Babies grow fast, which is why it is very important for you to schedule your newborn session with our talented photographer in Fort Collins within the first few weeks after your baby is born.

Newborn photography is adorable, and there are many great ways to capture these timeless photos for memories. Some of our favorite images captured include the following.

  1. Wedding Rings- When it comes to getting creative, dress up your little one with something as precious as them, marriage.IMG_2033
  2. Daddy’s Favorite Tie- If dad has ties lying around, bring one to your newborn photo shoot. Dressing your little one up with daddy’s tie is an adorable way to capture how cute and innocent your baby is.
  3. Time Flies By- Dress your newborn up with their age in days, weeks or months! Remembering this time has never been cuter.
  4. Go Vintage- If you love the vintage look, we can place your baby in a vintage frame to make them the center of attention for years to come.
  5. Got Mail?- Old mail boxes as props work perfectly to capture a timeless image of a newborn entering into your life.
  6. Sock Monkey- Sock monkeys are making a comeback. Boy or girl, sock monkey hats and accessories are a perfect addition to help make any image adorable.

We hope that we have given you some great ideas about how we can capture images you’ll cherish for a lifetime here in Fort Collins. Schedule your newborn photo shoot with our talented photographer Casey Jagoras online now!!