Family Photographer GreeleyWinter photoshoots make for great prints, but they aren’t always the easiest to make it through. In Loveland, the Colorado winters are especially brutal because of the dry air and strong winds, so it’s no wonder that children and adults alike are less than pleasant when they have to stand outside for long periods of time to take pictures. While the photoshoot isn’t necessarily fun, there are gorgeous shots that are taken with the snow as a backdrop. If this is a scenario that you see for you and your family’s portraits, I have a few nifty ways that you can ensure you’re all warm while outside, and the best part is, they make it easy to ensure your photographs look great.

Hand & Feet Warmers

If you’re looking to keep your photos jacket and mitten free, then hand and feet warmers are a great way to keep your body warm. These are pretty inexpensive sacks that stay warm for hours and radiate incredible amounts of heat for how small they are. They slip easily into your shoes and will leave your feet nice and cozy while you’re out. As for the hand warmers, rather than leave them in your hand, you can toss them into a pocket of your pants or sweater and enjoy the warmth. The best part is that they aren’t bulky, so even if you do add them to your photos, they won’t be super noticeable.

snow-picAdd Mittens & Hats

Another way to endure the cold is by simply embracing it. If your family portraits are going to be with snow in the backdrop, then you might as well add the gear. Throw on some lighter jackets but add fun mittens and hats to really keep you warm and add a touch of color to the photo. By not wearing jackets but leaving the rest of your body well equipped for the weather, you’re able to keep the family from looking bulking in the image while still embracing the Loveland weather and showing off some of your winter gear.

Hot Cocoa

Another fun addition that can keep you warm is hot cocoa. This is, in my opinion, another way to really embrace the season. Add a few cute mugs and some warm hot cocoa from a thermos and you’ve got a picture that is going to look absolutely adorable. Aside from the fact that it really brings the family together and creates a moment that’s worth capturing, I have to say that it’s pretty hard to fake or force a smile when you’ve got hot cocoa in front of you, that means nothing but the real deal is going to get captured through the lense.

There are plenty of ways that you can make the most of the Colorado weather during your photoshoot, and if you’re not absolutely wild about any of the ideas mentioned above, I would be more than happy to work with you through some other ideas.

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