newborn2In our last blog post we covered a few of the fun props that are great for a newborn photo shoot, but we haven’t covered the most important part, which is getting your newborn in the right mindset for a photo shoot. As newborns, it’s not unheard of for them to get fussy, throw-up or choose to entirely stop cooperating at any point in time. That’s why we’ve constructed a list of helpful tips that will make sure that your newborn photo shoot goes as smoothly as possible.

Schedule Your Shoot Accordingly

There is a certain age where newborn babies are ideal for photographing, so it’s best not to leave the scheduling to the last minute. Typically, we suggest getting your newborn portraits done within the first two weeks of birth. In this time, the baby is still spending most of their time sleeping and are more likely to cooperate because of this.

Be Prepared

Preparation plays a part on both my end, and on yours. These sessions can last for a couple of hours when you factor in any feeding, diaper changing and calming down. I will be prepared with all of the camera and flash equipment that I need, as well as with a variety of props and backdrops, but it’s important that you’re prepared too. Make sure that you have enough supplies in case the baby throws up, needs a diaper change, etc. It’s also good to have your outfits picked out in advance.

Don’t Set Expectations

Your newborn baby is a precious gift in itself. While there are plenty of adorable newborn baby pictures that surface throughout the internet, there’s no guarantee that your newborn pictures will look exactly the same. For that reason we always suggest that you leave your expectations at the door and let me be entirely inspired by your newborn. They are more captivating than we can ever count on them being, so just let them do their thing and I can guarantee there will be portraits that you are not disappointed by.

Have Some Ideas

While there’s no need to hold expectations of your newborn, I do entirely believe that it’s not a bad thing to have an idea of what types of pictures that you’d like to do. What I mean here is, don’t stick to one particular look, but know in advance if we’re going to be doing sibling pictures or if we want any closeups done. Also knowing what types of outfits you want photographed, just helps the shoot run smoother and quicker.

Like I stated before, your newborn portraits will wind up gorgeous and magnificent all in their own way. Schedule your newborn portraits with Casey Jagoras Photography and you can guarantee that this will be a shoot to remember.