Children can be difficult to capture photos of, but if you know what kind of environment to put them in, it can make all the difference. Here at Casey Jagoras Photography in Fort Collins, Colorado, you can expect to get the best photographs of your children! With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, all of our hearts are drawn to the bright red signs that have been posted along Eisenhower Boulevard in Loveland, and we have all started to think about children photography ideas that would make a perfect Valentine’s Day card for close family and friends. It can be incredibly difficult to think of creative ideas that are out of the box, and so today, we’re going to be giving you some fun and heart filled ideas that our children photographer, Casey, will be more than happy to capture!

  1. It doesn’t matter if you have a little boy or girl, dress them up in a soft white outfit and bring them to a fairy tale location. A park with a lot of trees will be the perfect setting for them to pose as Robin Hood with their own stick bow and arrow with a heart at the end.
  2. Do you have girls? Being parents of two little girls is absolutely heartwarming, especially when you have pictures of them running hand in hand with heart shaped balloons floating gently behind them. A great ideas for boys could be having each one hold up a ribbon that says “love” or “xoxo”.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading some of the fun and unique ways that we love to capture children photography. Visit us online now to book your Valentine’s Day photo shoot of your little ones!