Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, which means that you need to schedule your newborn photography shoot with our experienced Fort Collins photographer, Casey Jagoras, soon! You may become overwhelmed with all of the amazing picture ideas that are running through your head, but just know that when you decide to go with Casey Jagoras Photography, the ideas you’ve come up with can be brought to life!

If you haven’t been able to think of some fun and creative Valentine’s Day themed newborn photo ideas, here are just a few fan favorites.

  1. Newborn babies are easier than ever to position, so we like to take advantage of it by gently putting them in a big glass bowl that is filled with February’s most popular colorful candy hearts!
  2. Get that baby in their birthday suit and give them kisses while wearing bright red lipstick! Tons of kiss marks will only make your baby happy and smile big and wide! Pictures that speak love are truly the best!
  3. Wrap up your newborn in a bright red blanket that speaks softness. We can hang hearts all around your baby and make him or her love what Valentine’s Day is all about, love!

Have the above three ideas captured your heart? We invite you to visit us online today and contact us for more information. Schedule your newborn photography session with our experienced photographer, and receive amazing pictures that you’ll be able to cherish for a lifetime.