You might skimp on flowers, food, an expensive DJ, or the price you pay for wedding favors, but there’s no excuse for skimping on wedding bubbles! It’s probably one of the easiest, least expensive, and most memorable themes to carry through your wedding day. Where’s your wedding ceremony going to take place? If there are no restrictions on wedding ceremony decorations fill the place with round, white, helium filled balloons. Scatter them everywhere in groups to get the feel or sense of being surrounded by bubbles. Don’t forget to set individual mini bubble wedding favors out for the guests to use at the reception. Nobody will be able to resist blowing a few bubbles your way.

If you want to push the boundaries of the wedding bubbles theme, put big bubblegum balls in wedding favor containers and challenge your guests to a bubble blowing contest! Fill vases with brightly colored marbles to add to the wedding bubbles theme and use them as wedding table decorations.

For wedding favors ideas, leave your guests bubble bath beads. Ready to take the whole wedding bubbles theme even further? Hand out sheets of bubble wrap to your guests and let them pop the bubbles. It’s crazy, but you were warned! Bubbles are hugely fun and make excellent wedding favors and wedding decorations. Don’t let anyone burst that bubble of an idea!