Have you ever wondered where the wedding favor ideas came from in the first place? Those thoughtful gifts that you spend time agonizing over and purchasing or creating for your wedding date back to Roman times. In fact, just centuries ago French and Italian aristocrats would send their wedding guests home with gifts called “bonbonnieres.” These bonbonnieres were given out at weddings, birthdays and other grand celebrations.

These bonbonnieres were small boxes made of metal, precious stones, crystal and porcelain. Nestled inside the decorative and charming box would be fine delicacies. It’s important to remember that in those days, delicacies were really delicate and that preparing them in such a manner was a real honor for the guests and for the hosts. Wedding favor ideas come directly down the road of history from these bonbonnieres.

When a wedding takes place, it is considered a very lucky occasion and wedding favor ideas are bestowing your luck upon your guests. The boxes represent the gift-wrap while the candied or sweet delicacies on the inside were representative of the actual gifts that the newlyweds are giving to their guests. Their wedding favor ideas are:

  • Fertility
  • Wealth
  • Longevity
  • Health
  • Happiness

So whether you are creating Hershey’s kisses in silk wrap or hand painted wooden boxes or silver spoons, remember that the original wedding favor ideas were based on concepts and sharing the bounty of love and happiness that the two of you are finding on your wedding day.