Receptions are as important as the wedding for both traditional and candid shots. The photographer will need to be prepared to move to the reception following the couples’ shots with the bride, groom and family after the wedding ceremony. If the reception is located in a different place from the ceremony, many photographers will need an assistant to help get the equipment broken down and moved to the reception area.

While wedding ceremonies might be typical, receptions are usually anything but. They range from long, boring affairs where people are hungry and impatient, but traditionally the party doesn’t start until the bride and groom arrive. They can also be rousing parties with lots of action. Expect the unexpected and let wedding photographer know what shots at the reception are the most important.

You’ll want to make sure you get a few of the following traditional reception activities in key shots:

  • Arrival
  • Cutting the Cake
  • Cake Feeding
  • The Toasts
  • First Dance
  • The Car

The cake and the dance are very important moments, both from the breaking of bread together to the absolute romance. Watch for the children and the older members of the family dancing. Those provide absolutely charming memories. Watch for reaction shots, full lengths of the couple and close-ups of their faces as well as those who are guests at the wedding.