Wedding Table Decorations

Wedding table decorations don’t have to be traditional bouquets of flowers, especially if you want something different from the rest. Sure you’ve got some nifty wedding favors, but do you really want your wedding table decorations to remind people of a funeral home? Of course not! Put some punch into your wedding table decorations by trying out one of these ideas:

1) Completely fill huge glass bowls with every imaginable kind of candy. Keep it colorful! With something to snack on between meal courses and long speeches, your guests will love you forever. If big glass bowls are too much to fill, you can fill long stemmed glassware for the same effect. Bunch them in the middle of the table with streamers curled around them.

2) They sound unattractive, but LED white withered trees look really great as decorations. Unfortunately, they’re usually too big (four feet) to be used as wedding table decorations, but you can scatter them around the room and then extend the look to the tabletop by coiling white LED lights around the center of each table.

3) Colored sand is interesting and can be layered into vases, glasses, fish bowls, or any kind of clear container for an intriguing effect.

4) Take large soup-bowl-type mugs and fill them with coffee beans. Put a stick of cinnamon into each and arrange the mugs in a circle at the center of the table.

Wedding table decorations can be used to make a social statement (like stacking non-perishable food goods and asking your guests to bring something to the food bank), the decorations can be subtle, or as wild and wacky as setting up a Lite Bright at every table with your names pegged in white onto the panels.