Family portraits should be a part of every family’s yearly tradition. No matter how many kids or pets you have, you should be including the whole family and making it a tradition to schedule an appointment with your family portrait photographer in Fort Collins, Colorado. But why choose our family portrait photographer for your photos?

What sets us apart from other photographers:

We never focus on all of the points on a portrait, we only pick one.IMG_1574c

We focus each individual photo by hand, and we’ll always pick the best points to focus on. Autofocus will allow the camera to select what is important and what’s not. Unfortunately that’s not the best way to go about getting the best family portraits taken. You’ll get personalized focus from our family portrait photographer, Casey Jagoras.

We will focus on the eyes, always.

No matter how many eyes are in one photo, making the eyes of the portrait a main focus is a priority. We’ll accentuate your eyes to be the focal point of your portrait. After all, all good portraits have the eyes as the focal point.

We use 70mm or higher lens.

Any lens below 70mm tends to distort figures in a picture. We noticed this with trial photos and have made changes to enable us to provide you with the best portraits possible.

Do you want your family’s portraits to be taken by a leading photographer in Fort Collins? Contact Casey Jagoras online now to schedule!