caseyj2Family pictures are the best, but your holiday family portraits are no joke! These images are not only a great representation of you and your family that will remain treasured for years, they are the image that will be included in family Christmas cards and sent to friends and family across the globe. While fun is an absolute requirement for every photo shoot, finding ways to add fun touches, while still making sure the pictures look incredible, is something that can get a little tricky.

Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to photograph various families in different settings, all of whom included accessories and settings of choice that spoke to their families. If you’re struggling with ideas of accessories to include in your holiday photo shoot, I have got you covered. Here are a few of my favorite creative accessories for holiday photos.

Christmas Presents

This always seems like such a cliche’ to families, but it is one of the easiest and most fun ways to add a touch of holiday spirit to any family photo. If there is a specific color scheme that you’re going for, we can always wrap empty boxes up in a wrapping paper that matches the color scheme so that the picture at its entirety meshes well and looks cohesive. We can always plan a fun selection so that your picture looks incredible once it’s all laid out.

christmasChristmas Lights

If you’re looking for an electrifyingly good picture, then adding some Christmas lights to the mix will do the job. This is something that we’ve seen used a lot over the last couple of years, but it’s one of the accessories that really does the trick with adding a touch of Christmas. Aside from that, the lighting that this accessory creates is unique and intimate that it makes the images that it captures very raw and precious moments of emotion.

Sweets & Treats

It’s hard to deny that Christmas isn’t fabulous for the influx of sweets and treats that are all around. From candy canes to homemade cookies that were personally decorated, these treats make for good additions to family photos. The children that get a little messy with the sweets also make the photoshoot exceptionally fun and show off a great side of your kids, in fact, this accessory might capture their nature during the holidays a little too well.

Truth be told, family portraits during the holidays are some of my absolute favorite pictures to take. Aside from the fact that photographing a family is exciting, the holiday season makes for a great time to get some pictures in. With the energy and spirit of Christmas in the air, the joy is near impossible to turn off, which sure does make for some beautiful pictures!

If you have yet to get your family portraits squared away for the holidays, make sure to do so with enough time to get edits and prints out to all of your loved ones. Contact Casey Jagoras, your family portrait photographer, located right here in Loveland for an appointment!